For Volunteers

For Volunteers

May 31, 2013

A long-term Volunteer experience is greatly different from a structured study abroad program.

HEEALS is a growing organization which offers volunteers and interns the unique ability & mechanism to have a truly significant role in organizational and program development. The variety of activities at Heeals is available for volunteers to cater students as well as professionals, where they incorporate a healthy mix of community development, team building and Goal management tasks.

During a volunteer program, you become deeply involved with local community, immersed in a new culture and a different way of life. Learning to make independent decisions without the comfort of falling back on your usual support network, which help in empowering, building strong leadership skills.  On their return, many volunteer find themselves more mature and independent, they no longer take what they have for granted, now that they have gained a new outlook on life. Which bring actual & personal growth.

A volunteer can affords great experience in lessons of, empathy, and interpersonal conflict resolution. Learning how to debate cultural differences is a positive lesson in tolerance, compassion and appreciating different perspectives. Your experience brings change in your perception and brings a different way of thinking.

   As a non-profit organization, Heeals strives to create a world in which all people understand, respect, and support one another irrespective of religion, caste, creed, gender and class, providing services to communities and building cross-cultural understanding. People from all walk of life lives altogether in peace & harmony.


Volunteers come to understand the host environment on a deeper level, including the values and identity of the culture and how they differ from Western perspectives. Volunteering benefit local communities and the environments in which they live. You'll become part of the local community and have the kind of authentic cultural experiences You'll meet new friends that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Living at Heeals lets volunteers from around the world not only work together, but spend time exploring Diverse Indian Culture, Family System, Cultural Values , Heritage and Tradition as a whole , each state has a distinct flavour, while still allowing volunteers to experience Incredible India.

Heeals offers an affordable volunteer opportunity.                                                        

Heeals works with local and international volunteers/ interns, and always welcomes continued support. Whether you have six months or just a few hours or a week, Heeals has a wide range of project opportunities. We have placements for university interns and professionals, but also for those who would like the opportunity to gain some hands-on experience in grass-root non-profit work.

One basic requirement for a volunteer and intern is that either he or she speaks or write  English ,

Spanish ,French , Russian or Hindi. We look for people, who have a keen interest in community

development, good team worker, show good initiative, are open-minded and willing to work in

a new and challenging environment.


Core Activities for Volunteers

  • Organizing Events, Campaigns, Road Show
  • Making documentary movies along with Indian Bollywood director as a guide
  • Pamphlet & Brochure Making
  • Writing press releases, newsletters and other PR materials
  • Teaching Street Children across India
  • Teach elementary spoken English
  • Ideation and Knowledge Management
  • Implementing awareness project in the targeted areas through the use of ICT and IEC tools
  • Teaching orphan children in Leh-Ladakh and creating awareness for Sanitation and Education
  • Doing photography and making pictorial reports on various subjects related to project 


Download our Registration Form Here   Or  Apply Online 

Being a Non Profit Organization and Working on Tight budget we do ask for One time Registration Fees of US $ 196  from our volunteers , all of this fees goes to project to help thousands of Women,Girls and Children , where volunteers implement the same and the fees is used in Water Sanitation Hygiene and Girl Education Project . We are also ready to provide accommodation to our volunteers in HEEALS office guest house at very nominal cost . Interested volunteers who wants to opt for the same can contact us to book the room.

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I really impressed to read this innovative article and I would like to give a special thanks to the author to share this innovative post and I am really grateful to the author.

We are a group of 100 people who want to volunteer for social work. Kindly help us how we can do the same

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