HEEALS (Health, Education, Environment, & Livelihood Society). Mending one family at a time, then one community, all the while, working hard to bridge a self sustaining society across all the states of India. Ensuring that through empowering our local communities with knowledge, basic Skills Health Education Environment And Livelihood can begin to eradicate poverty in Mother India.

Heeals have created a platform of not only sharing ideas and working together on issues that will bring about the change that our local communities are in desperate need off. A young organisation, still in desperate need of funding and most of its members still volunteers or semi volunteers all shared a common commitment to create a organisation that would provide health, education, environment and livelihood support requested by the people of state across India. But without your help, this cause and its commitment to help the people of India develop a self sustained society will not prevail. Help us help those who need the most basic of needs like fresh water.


Advocating for the 28th of May to become Globally recognized as Menstrual Hygiene Day with WASH United & Partners, help support us do this



India is known as the defecation capital of the world with 638 million people defecating in the open. People have more mobile phones and

easier access to banks than toilets.

66 % of girls’ schools do not have a functioning female toilet in India resulting in a drop out rate of more than 40% after completing just year five.

Around 23 % girls drop out of school every year in India due to lack of menstrual hygiene facilities including toilets or adequate disposal units for sanitary pads.

Around 1,000 children die every day in India because of diarrhoea.

This figure equals the number of children dying due to Aids, measles and malaria combined. More than half of the Indian population do not wash their hands after defecation, making respiratory and gastrointestinal infections major killers among children and adults alike.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Young girls and women are the major victims of these issues, suffering health problems, economic disparity, sexual violence, harassment and much more.

At Heeals we plan to create an international awareness about sanitation, menstrual hygiene, toilets and unsafe drinking water, and its effect on female education and health. In particular we want to target those living in rural areas, urban slums, refugee camps and orphanages. Alongside our awareness campaign, we also want to ensure that communities are equipped to tackle these issues, by providing toilets in the areas most at risk, and by providing things such as water purification tablets, water tanks, soap and sanitary towels for young girls.

But we cant do this alone and government  funding is far from easy to secure.


HEEALS Documentary Film " The Curse " on Menstrual Hygiene Taboo and its effects on Girls Health and education .


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