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Children Informal Education Project

"Who opens a door for education close the doors of Poverty, Hunger & Prison"


In India Children living in streets, construction sites and slums accounts for major share of the children who are deprived of basic elementary education. 

According to a survey done in the past by Indian government stated that half of the education deprived children comes from these sectors.

In India million of unskilled porters, bricklayers and other low-caste labourers have left their native villages to escape extreme rural poverty and to find a job in big cities. These migrant workers are spread across the country and travel from one area of work to another along with their families. They live in temporary settlements, sometimes provided by the construction company, for the duration of the construction project and then move to another site.                           READ MORE..

Green Earth Project To Promote & Protect Environment

"Save The Future By Planting a Tree"


Our primary concern is to conserve the country’s natural resources, including lakes, rivers, forest, trees and ensuring prevention and abetment of pollution.

Our objectives are Prevention and control of pollution, a forestation and regeneration of degraded areas and Protection of the environment .Forest are renewable resource and contribute substantially to economic development .They play a major role in enhancing the quality of environment .                                         READ MORE..


We are a Research based Organisation which implements projects based on a three tier model which we actively use to create an Aware & Sustainable Society. 





Water Sanitation Hygiene & Girl Education Project

"It's Our Fundamental Right To Have Safe Drinking Water & Sanitation" 

The most precious thing in the world known to Mankind is Water without water there is no life, no human being. Safe Drinking water and sanitation are one of the two upmost needs of the Human Beings.

Unsafe drinking water and Sanitation facilities can lead to deadly disease which can severely  affect the community and can have dreaded effects on their offspring. India is the open defecation capital of the world where 638 million are defecating in the Open over 50 % of the population.66 % Girl Schools don’t have functioning girl toilets in India .  Around 23 % Girls drop out of school every year in India due to lack of menstrual hygiene affecting the Girl Education Badly . Around 53% of Children in Age Group of 5-14 Do Not Wash their Hands after defecating. Every day 1000 children dies in India due to Diarrhoea and other water borne diseases. Diarrhoea kills more children in India then Aids , Malaria and Measles Combined... READ MORE

     Documentary Film By HEEALS - The Role Of Sanitation In Girl Child Education  


                                                                       MODEL TO ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY 


Sponsor a Child With Us!

Chitra, 13
Chitra, aged 13, is the first child that we have sponsored to go to school, at HEEALS. She is being sponsored by Sonika,  a member of the HEEALs team. Chitra is in 8th class and loves science! Her mother works as a maid and Chitra has two younger brothers. Due to the recent loss of her father, her mother was unable to pay for all of her children to attend school and so Chitra had to drop out. With the persuasion of her school, and HEEALS, Chitra is now back in school and has a whole year’s worth of education paid for her. We wish her all the best in the year ahead! 

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From left to right: Chitra’s mother, Sonika (Chitra’s sponsor) and Chitra.

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