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Gaurav Kashyap, Managing Director

A strategic, dynamic and innovative leader with a proven track-record in delivering high-impact plans that exceed organizational goals, and achieve the next level of excellence. Development Professional with M.Phil in Sociology, MBA Human Resource Management, MA Sociology, P.G.D.B.A, is working consistently in making the world a better place to live from past 10 Years. Career encompassing Research, Planning and Administration to Implementation across various parts of India. Excel in identifying and responding to opportunity, developing and articulating a vision for the future, while navigating intricate organizational relationships and systems to deliver extraordinary results .Heading HEEALS team to guide, nurture and achieve a Healthy, Happy and Sustainable society. 


Sonika Kashyap, Social Media Manager

She has done M.A in Sociology, MEd and Diploma in Computer  Applications, having rich and extensive experience in teaching over three years. Sonika now looking after our social media she is very enthusiastic, efficient and hard working women with strong intellectual skill ,intercultural and interpersonal competences . She maintains social networks and blogs, creation of e-mail newsletters, execution of promotions and events; she is proficient in HTML, proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and has Strong quantitative and analytic skills. Through her dedication to research and strategy implementation she stays in the know for all things in social media. She develops, manages and executes social media strategies.

Serena Salerno, Research, Fundraising & Communication Specialist

She has a Masters in International Relations. Serena is our first International team member from Italy and is handling all our international project coordination and communication work and continuously gaining extensive experience in research and communication. She is working on Child Marriage, Gender Equality and Menstrual Hygiene Project .

Caleigh Doyle - Report Making, Documentation and Communication Specialist

 She has an honours degree in Political Science and a minor in Philosophy. She is from Canada. Her areas of  interest include education, human and animal rights, environmental and community development. She is looking after US & Canada relations.

Overseas Coordinators :

Mala Naidoo Nucibella : European Coordinator & Global Marketing Volunteer

An international marketer and brand professional who runs her own agency in the UK helps HEEALS with pro bono work and is one of our key volunteers assisting in ad design, grant proposal work, copywriting, video production, marketing and brand awareness. With over 20 years of international experience and a Masters in Marketing she is key to what we do at HEEALS.

Lucie Cuadrado Fundraising Specialist (France Overseas Coordinator)

Young Dynamic and Innovate WaSH Professional working on Fundraising and Proposal making She has done MSc in  "Community Water and Sanitation" from Cranfield University (United Kingdom), and an Engineering diploma (from Ecole Centrale de Nantes). 

Kasia Kilvington Project Officer (United Kingdom Overseas Coordinator)

Kasia our East Sussex  (United Kingdom) overseas project officer, she manage publication,newletter & correspondence with other organisation, she creates reports on WASH Development . Her recently published report on water sanitation hygiene and girl education monitoring report -2013,is truly eye opening . she has done M.A(oxon),B.A modern history (oxon 2.1),Post Graduate Diploma in Development Management And Pursing Msc in Development Management, Post Graduate certificate in conflict ,intervention & development (ou). She is a teacher of ESOL & History at St.Leonard's Mayfield School . 

Stephanie Harris , Overseas Coordinator - US & Canada Area 

A mother , a Medical Professional & Professional Healer, working effortlessly to make the life of people happy and healthier in American continent . She is working as Online social envoy where she is running various social media campaigns across social media channels , Fundraising for Girl Menstrual Hygiene and Sanitation Project , building alliances , calling volunteers to our programs in India and acting as primes resource in capacity building and planning process .

Kristal van der Vliet Project Officer (Australia Overseas Coordinator) working in wash and menstrual hygiene project .

 Volunteers :

1.Richa Dixit : (Wash supply Coordinator) ,Working on WASH Supplies and Coordination with national organization in Mumbai and rest of India .

2.Murli Lakhiwal: Indian by origin but a Spanish at Heart . Working for the community with Heeals from past one year . Murli is a Spanish translator, he is Heeals Coordinator with Spain and Spanish speaking countries. A avid traveller and photographer who loves to help the needy one.

3.Nevena Pavicevic:  Handling coordination and marketing programs in Lazarevac .


Our Vision

To provide the resources, knowledge, expertise and leadership to help the people and the communities across the states of India to use their resources, skills, abilities and other assets to improve the quality of life, environment, education and livelihood and that of future generations.




 Our Mission

To create a vibrant civil society organisation aiming to safeguard health, environment, education and livelihood to promote the sustainable development of society. 





Our Goals & Objectives         

 Heeals resources reflect part IV of the constitution of India as well as Indian commitment to global development. Our 

main goal is to provide a self-sustained society in India. We want to ensure that through empowering our local

communities with knowledge and education we can begin to eradicate poverty in India.

We would like to do this by creating:

 1.  A Healthy Society – tackling hunger, malnutrition, woman & child development whilst promoting healthy practices.

 2.  An Educated Society – Promoting education amongst the most deprived societies.

 3.  A Cleaner Environment – Water Sanitation, Building Toilets, Menstrual Projects, WASH Projects, Climate Change Education.

 4. Livelihood for all – Training people to help them acquire what they need, with dignity.


Heeals resources reflect the part IV of the constitution of India as well as Indian commitment to global development.

The Vision, Goals &Objective of Heeals was shaped through a strategic planning process in 2010. Heeals was originally conceived

as a bridge to meet the network of information &communication, capacity building, networking and sharing

needs of people and organisation that are keen to undertake sustainable and community development initiatives.

Heeals was built by a core team of committed executive committee, the member and staff member, who collectively have extensive

experience in rural, urban and social development in India. Most of the founding staff is working voluntarily or semi –voluntary .

Their common commitment was to create a organisation that would provide health, education, environment and livelihood support

requested by the people of state across India.







Heeals is a non-profit organisation registered under the Indian Government Section 21 of 1860 Society Act. Heeals is an acronym describing our commitment to providing human and technical resources to achieve Health Education Environment and Livelihood Society for all.  

We are a research based organization which implements projects based on a three tier model which we actively use to create an Aware & Sustainable Society. 

Our Supporting Partners